About us

Rossi TPD offers highly specialized advice and technical support in the oleodynamic  and hydraulic field. Now Rossi TPD is a consolidated company able to design and build custom-made systems ensuring high quality standards, innovation and a design approach in total synergy with the customer.

Application sectors

Food and pharmaceutical industry

Design and manufacture of flexible rubber hoses with or without fittings for feeding of pharmaceutical, food and chemical products.

Mechanical and building industry

Design and manufacture of flexible rubber hoses and hydraulic power plants for machine tools, lifting systems and every application where high pressure oil use and control is necessary.

Equipment for military and mining applications

Progettazione e costruzione di container speciali ed attrezzature ad uso campale per applicazioni civili e militari quali shelter, officine mobili, skid, ecc..

How we work

Rossi TPD is a structured company that has chosen to combine versatility with the multiple customers needs with the guarantee given by production and control procedures in accordance with current regulations.

Supply of hydraulic components

Hydraulic components such as pumps, fittings, valves and accessories of leading European brands. Kanban management services and just in time supplies.

Commercial and technical consultancy

On-site inspection of your plants, feasibility study and proposal of customized solutions


Design of hydraulic plants and systems. Custom plants design on customer request, 2D and 3D layouts.


Periodic hydrostatic tests on plants also on site.

We are specialized in the realization of systems and customized constructions

We design and manufacture systems in according to customer request. We deal with the construction and upgrade of existing plants, and industrial revamping.

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